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Jacob Bogatin: Hard drinking

October 16, 2008

According to Jacob Bogatin hard drinking is periodically repeating painful-insuperable inclination to intoxication spirits. More often concerning an exit from hard drinking experts in narcology address in three standard situations. Accordingly three groups of the patients are united by the general standard displays of symptoms of an alcoholism.

The first group – those who can independently abstain from alcohol reception long enough time (from a month to about one year). But independently to interrupt hard drinking is not an easy way; without a hangover they test infernal physical and moral torments.

The second group – experiences the same difficulties, as the first, but these are victims of « green snake» do not hope any more independently to supervise the abstention further. Jacob Bogatin says that through certain time after knocking over hard drinking patients from this category again address to experts in narcology.

The third category – usually men of means – to stop to drink do not gather. The condition of “eternal euphoria» quite suits them, neither moral, nor they thus do not test material problems. The anxiety for the physical health because of the constant use of alcohol pushes them in embraces of experts in narcology. Jacob Bogatin reports that having spent “planned” cleaning of a body, having had a rest pair-three days, they are again started up in all heavy. And so this continues for several times in a year.

By the way, many skilled doctors-experts in narcology do not advise to be coded for a year. Abstaining within a year from alcohol the patient runs into euphoria. Jacob Bogatin stresses that after a year a person thinks that he is completely free from the dependence and can already manage to supervise himself. But unfortunately this is just an illusion. Having lived till the end of the year’s coding, about “significant” anniversary, the newly made nondrinker, having accepted a pile, runs into new hard drinking. The organism which has weaned from alcoholic loading loses even more protective properties. Jacob Bogatin strongly advises that it is necessary to address again to the expert in narcology and to be coded again for an annual term. But second time the victim of fatal passion seldom holds out till the end of annual term, accusing thus usually the doctor – the pier, who “has badly coded”. But the problem is not in the expert in narcology and in perversity of practice of short annual coding.