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Jacob Bogatin: Way out from hard drinking

December 14, 2008

Jacob Bogatin reports that hard drinking is a strong poisoning of a body which is caused by the constant use of alcoholic drinks throughout many days, weeks etc. Result of hard drinking can become alcoholic delirium, a brain stroke, a myocardium heart attack, a lethal outcome.

Hard drinking conditions concern heavy forms of alcoholic dependence. During this period a person who drinks much alcohol is a subject itself to an intensive alcoholic intoxication. They drink everything, that contains alcohol. According to Jacob Bogatin their daily dose of vodka can reach three litres, beer — ten litres. During hard drinkings appetite is lowered more often, and patients almost eat nothing, but thus test thirst and consume a considerable quantity of water.

Jacob Bogatin says that the way out from hard drinking can be carried out as in-home, and in hospital. If hard drinking proceeds hard for a conclusion from hard drinking it can be demanded several days of intensive treatment. A way out from hard drinking – one of the important stages of treatment of alcoholic dependence. The independent exit from hard drinking as a rule is very combined physically and psychologically. It is fraught with numerous complications. Therefore is better to address for hard drinking interruption to experts-experts in narcology. Jacob Bogatin guarantees that experts can deduce from hard drinking, stop consequences of a hungover syndrome, enter supporting preparations, and also the substances blocking bent for alcohol. The way out from hard drinking in-home is possible, doctors arrive on a call, equipped with all necessary for carrying out desintoxification and supporting procedures. Probably, that a conclusion from hard drinking it is necessary to spend not in-home the patient, and urgent hospitalisation is required.