Y.Bogatin: Meditation Research Results

Today meditation practice is a destiny not just for the lonely educated Buddhist monks as it was about 50-70 years ago but now it is accessible to millions other people all over the world. Yakov Bogatin is sure that to be engaged in meditation does not mean to strive for feeling better but to be more vigorous and counterbalanced. Meditation forces our brain to work in a different way, the picture of brain waves varies, activity of a brain is synchronised, at the expense of it many physiological processes in an organism — a dream, digestion, functioning of cardiovascular and nervous systems are normalised, the blood structure varies even. From the research undertaken in 2005 by the American cardiological association, it became known, that meditation prolongs life, reducing risk of death from illnesses in an old age for 25 %, from cardiovascular illnesses — to 30 % and to 50 % — from cancer.

Is the same attributed to the brain by meditation? In the research conducted in 2005 in Boston hospital scientists and Yakov Bogatin as well have tracked, that occurs in heads of people practising meditation, using a magneto-resonant tomography (МРТ). Experts have selected 15 people practising meditation with different experience (from one year till 30 years) and 15 experimental which never meditated. After the analysis of the big file of the information of activity and brain structure it became clear, that meditation increases a thickness of some departments of a bark of the brain, involved in processes of attention, working memory and touch processing of the information — prefrontal a bark and Reil Islet. Sara Lasar, the head of the given research, has commented on results of experiment so: «You train a brain during meditation, therefore it grows. Yakov Bogatin draws our attention that after all it is known, that at musicians, linguists, athletes corresponding areas of a brain are increased. Growth of a bark of a brain occurs not at the expense of neurons growth, and at the expense of growth of blood vessels, astrocytes — all system which feeds a brain».

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