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Pain management items

June 30, 2010

Our life is full of unexpected things that might happen every minute and you can not react properly. Sometimes you might fall and break a leg or a hand and there is nothing great about that as besides the pain you have to be restricted in movements for some time as well as you have to put the arm or leg in a plaster for a month or even more. But this can be cured and you will be happy again but definitely such previously broken organs need care and attention: you will be restricted in lifting weights and so on. When your arm or leg ache the only way around this is a special painkiller but mostly all the painkillers are made of artificial substances that might do harm to your health even more. But there are some natural products to manage pain like various balms and ointments that need to be rubbed into your skin and they ease your condition without bringing hard to your stomach, head and other organs of your body. The interesting thing is that not all the drugstores can offer you such a relief, like foot and knee pain relief natural balsams. I still do not know why. May be such treatment means have not been tested on a considerable number of people yet. But who cares if according to the real testimonials such balms create miracles?! Some people even say that such items, such balms can easily replace expensive wound treatment products!

Yakov Bogatin – Animals Diseases – Otoscopy

June 15, 2010

Otoscopy is the tool method, allowing to survey external acoustical pass of animals.

Usually otoscopy in veterinary clinics is being carried out with the help of otoscope, the device consisting of a light source, a lens and long nozzles of different diameter. In difference from human otoscope, in the veterinary long nozzles from 5-7 sm are used, as acoustical channels (vertical and horizontal) dogs are much longer than the human. Yakov Bogatin says that it is better to use plastic nozzles, instead of metal. Plastic are perfectly disinfected and, unlike iron, tactile not cold, therefore dogs stand the procedure of otoscopy much more easy.

In some clinics for otoscopy doctors use endoscopic research method.

At carrying out otoscopy it is very important to inspect vertical, and also horizontal channels, to check up integrity of an eardrum.

Yakov Bogatin though says that the diagnosis, the forecast, and also choice of tactics of treatment of an otitis depends on this research.

At some uneasy animals or in the presence of considerable morbidity, procedure of otoscopy spend under the influence of sedative preparations or, if necessary, under the general narcosis.

For the best visualisation before otoscopy research it is necessary to spend sanitation of external acoustical pass. Yakov Bogatin is a professional in this sphere.

Otoscopy is used for diagnostics of otitises, a vestibular syndrome of animals.

Jacob Bogatin: Lyme Illness.Stages

June 14, 2010

Jacob Bogatin says that to suspect Lymeit illness is possible at occurrence on a skin a typical erythema annulare after a sting of the tick. Laboratory carry out research of blood about revealing of antibodies to Borrelias. Indirect reaction of immunofluorescence with an antigene from borrelium (an antigene – any alien substance which has got to blood, in reply to such introduction the organism develops antibodies, they stick together with an antigene and deduce it from an organism).

After a sting of the tick and hit of Borrelias in blood and before occurrence of first signs of disease passes from 2 till 30 days, on the average – two weeks (the incubatory period).

Jacob Bogatin claims that the disease has some stages which not necessarily follow one another, sometimes this or that stage in general is not present.

The first stage – creeping erythema, proceeds it about one week. Against a heat, a headache, a nausea, pains in joints on a place of a sting of the tick there is a reddening, a hypostasis (erythema). Erythema gradually increases in size, reaching sometimes 50-60 sm, and the cyanotic shade gets. Gradually in the centre the enlightenment is formed and erythema gets the ring form (but sometimes and remains a stain). Such erythema can remain within several months, and can disappear in 2-3 days, leaving after itself pigmentation, and then and a hem.

The second stage is a stage of complications from nervous and cardiovascular system (in 2-4 weeks). Jacob Bogatin tells that there are signs of a serous meningitis: the headache, a nausea, vomiting, a photophobia etc. Can be defeat of various nerves, for example, obverse with infringement of a facial expression and numbness the amazed half of person. Then some patients have infringements from heart (unpleasant sensations, faults of warm reductions etc.).

The third stage is a defeat of joints. Begins in two months and later from the illness beginning, sometimes even in 2 years. Large joints, usually knee, more often on the one hand are amazed. The inflammation of joints can proceed several years, fading becoming aggravated, the structure of bones and cartilages thus can be broken.