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Jacob Bogatin: Diseases of rabbits

August 21, 2010

Prevention of diseases. Any disease is easier to prevent than to eliminate. Jacob Bogatin says that to prevent disease of rabbits, you must strictly comply with simple rules. Bought another farm rabbits first three weeks, kept in a separate room. If after this time, none of them would be patients who bought the rabbits can be put together with the others, but in different cells.

In addition to general cleaning and disinfection of the premises thoroughly disinfected before the cells are okrolom before each transplant rabbits. Every 10 days disinfect feeders, waterers, nurseries and other equipment. Disinfectant solution should cover the entire surface, to penetrate into all the cracks. Be sure to hold the cells and disinfection facilities for the appearance of infectious disease. When disinfection is necessary to take into account that different agents differently react to disinfectants. Therefore, use must be a means, a destructive effect on a specific pathogen. These funds are listed in the description of contagious diseases. You can not disinfect alkalis and acids, metal parts of cells, because the metal from them rust. You can not disinfect acids cement floor. Metal parts of cells and equipment pour boiled water or burnt by fire with a blowtorch. Cages, feeders, waterers cleaned, if necessary, and washed daily.

Jacob Bogatin insists that we must carefully inspect the animals before each mating, okrolom after okrola, rabbits, on the second day after okrola before jigging in the future, every 10-15 days.

A healthy rabbit is happy, kind, good appetite, mobile, his coat shiny, not ruffled, eyes and nose clean, the number of respiratory movements at a moderate temperature of 50-60 per minute, body temperature is 38,5-39,5 °. Number heart rate (pulse) – 120-160 per minute.

When animal diseases or in case of deaths caused immediate veterinary specialist. Animal cases ringworm, infectious catarrh, mastitis and other infectious diseases, it is best just to wreck. This is the most effective measure to combat the spread of infection. Jacob Bogatin says that it is unacceptable that in a room kept rabbits, rodents were carried out: they spread infectious diseases. Often, rat bite to death rabbits. The room is necessary to maintain clean air, avoiding drafts.

Jacob Bogatin: Sun Allergy Part II

August 19, 2010

According to Jacob Bogatin for a long stay in the hot sun, a huge dose of ultraviolet radiation of different waves, the intensification of protective forces at the production of melanin pigment, the load on the liver and kidneys, and all this after a cold winter and spring day – a huge stress for the whole organism, which can also cause sun allergies.

First of all, any allergies is lowering of immunity, lack of vitamins in the body, not hidden dolechennye and chronic diseases, reduced liver function, metabolism.
The sun’s rays themselves do not cause allergies, but in conjunction with some of the factors causing photodermatosis, increased sensitivity to ultraviolet.
Fotodermatides Jacob Bogatin divides into exogenous and endogenous.

Exogenous are caused by external factors, and endogenous – by internal.

Jacob Bogatin says that the factors that provoke the emergence of solar allergies, can be phototoxic substances, such as bergamot oil, antidiabetics and diuretics, sulfonamides, and even disinfectants, as well as cosmetics and everything pertaining to it.

Allergy to sunlight is also called “solar urticaria” or “solar herpes.”

This type of solar allergies usually result from a long stay in the bright sun.