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Jacob Bogatin: Fish diseases

September 17, 2010

Diseases of fish are divided into factor and the resulting stimulants. Generally, most fish, regardless of where they were purchased, bear the agents of several diseases – unfortunately, a necessary evil. According to Jacob Bogatin the disease might not manifest itself and stay dormant. Therefore it is impossible to visually determine the presence of the disease.

It is for this reason, often a week or two after purchasing fish, it starts to hurt, though outwardly at the time of purchase was perfectly healthy. This is particularly true of so-called factor diseases. Their development is stimulated by external environmental factors, such as: contaminated water, it is too low and sometimes too high a temperature, poor feeding, etc.

Determine whether the disease can only when symptoms appear, as evidence of the disease, but to accurately diagnose the disease can be only by taking scrapings of the mucous fish. Visually you can with some degree of probability to determine the nature of the disease: it is bacterial, fungal or parasitic, although very often they occur in parallel and Jacob Bogatin has confirmed this so far.

For example, a parasitic disease very quickly lead to a weakening of the immune system that promotes the development of a bacterial infection that is often accompanied by ulceration. At these ulcerative lesions as secondary infection, fungi colonize, and they emit toxins impede wound healing. Thus as Jacob Bogatin says we have a whole bunch of diseases occurring simultaneously in the same fish.

The same diagnosis difficult by the fact that symptoms of many illnesses are quite similar, especially in the early stages of development. Division of mucus, ulceration, lethargy, refusal to feed, rapid breathing, or a glassy whitish feces, Pre-loaded fins, etc. – Each of these symptoms are evidence of the development of the disease.

Factor in the treatment of diseases, the first thing to do is to identify and try to eliminate the factors that caused the disease, that is to optimize the conditions of detention of fish and restore their immune system (if this is the time). Diversify the use of feeding fortified feed or water-soluble vitamins for the aquarium. If necessary, apply therapy of drugs.

There is a large group of diseases caused by pathogens and parasites.
Susceptibility to parasitic diseases are not always depend on the status and immunity of fish. For the occurrence of these diseases Jacob Bogatin says should be hitting the pathogen in the aquarium, but it may also occur with acquired new fish and plants from infected aquarium with water and often with a live feed. Such diseases require urgent medical treatment as quickly weaken the immune system of fish.


Jacob Bogatin: Tea-milk diet

September 4, 2010

Author of such diet – the eighty-year woman, a former fashion model, Marina Blinovskaja, to preserve the freshness and charm in the shape of such an advanced age.

Together with Jacob Bogatin she encourages all who wish to have a good shape and maintain optimal weight, regular fasting days in milk and tea. Concomitant of such a diet must include regular exercise and proper, and most importantly, a moderate diet.

Marina Blinovskaja herself feels inclined to be overweight, but long-term dieting does not recognize, preferring to weekly fasting days.
So, milk-tea diet. According to Jacob Bogatin there are two variants of this diet.

First during the unloading of the day should be every two hours to drink one glass (200 milliliters) of strong tea with a piece of sugar (only one day get seven to eight glasses), in the intervals between doses of tea to drink milk, the total amount of the day – a half liter.

Jacob Bogatin says that if you can not take tea on schedule, you can mix it with milk in a bottle or thermos and drink throughout the day.

Tea can be consumed black, but better – green. Green tea has a more mild effect on the body, speeds up metabolism and helps normalize weight.

But Jacob Bogatin also provides a second option. One and a half tablespoons of green tea brewed in boiling milk (fat content 2.5%) volume and a half liter, filter. The resulting tea should be drunk throughout the day, used the parallel of up to two liters of fresh mineral water without gas.

Milk-tea diet is easy and efficient. For one day at relieving tea and milk can lose about one kilogram, depending on the characteristics of an organism and physical activity.

Jacob Bogatin: Green Tea

September 2, 2010

According to Jacob Bogatin green tea is produced from the same material as the black, and retains its color not only in the dry form, but in the tincture. There is no specific green tea tea aroma and taste. This drink green with a golden hue and delicate aroma of fresh hay, strawberry leaves and citrus.

Jacob Bogatin says that the Japanese green tea is prepared as follows: schepotok poured some tea leaves into the teapot and pour very hot water, but not boiled water, as it supposedly kills the taste. Then the tea of this (green tea is made about twice as long as black tea), pour into cups. Sugar and milk with green tea are incompatible. It is better to drink it with honey. Green tea can be brewed two or three times.

Jacob Bogatin also gives another way to brew green tea: take 0.5 teaspoons of leaves per cup of water. Its temperature should be above 70 degrees. Tea should be poured water in three stages. First, on the third volume of the kettle, after 1-2 minutes – half the pot, and another two minutes later – at 3 / 4 volume. Jacob Bogatin strongly advises to leave it for two minutes. After drinking half of the kettle, add the rest of the boiling water.

Indian Medicine and Jacob Bogatin as well advise not to drink before eating a lot of tea, especially hot, because it burns the food juices and impairs digestion. Drinking tea is very hot, especially in hot seasons, is harmful to people with the kind of hot and young.