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How to deal with depression

October 20, 2010

Find a person with whom you can talk heart to heart, to share with him their experiences. No one to talk? Weep into pillow. Tears also bring relief from depression.
Live for today. Do not engage in soul-searching, do not save up grievances, not to reopen wounds that leave the past in the past. Do not be afraid of the future – most of the ills that one can imagine will never happen.

Yakov Bogatin recommends to change the scenery. Tear off into the woods to the village, without any hurry, stroll through the city, look in those places where you have not yet visited. Depression does not disappear if confined to the four walls and mope.

Do not take on too much. Sometimes allow yourself to give up on everything and lay down to sleep – but in the morning you wake up in a good mood and be able to move mountains.
Listen to the music that takes your heart, read good books, try to find a creative something for everyone. In order to avoid falling into the maelstrom of “groundhog day”, inevitably leading to depression, Yakov Bogatin says that everybody needs from time to time lifted above the ordinary.

Review your eating habits. Chocolate and bananas contain endorphins that can lift the mood. Sunflower seeds, nuts, bread made of flour, meal, buckwheat, oatmeal, beans, – a storehouse of vitamin B1 (thiamine), deficiency of which causes serious disturbances in the nervous system. Yakov Bogatin recommends the healthy balanced diet, do not overeat, and in any case, do not eat only in order to lift your mood. Weight increased as a result of these feasts is able to drive them into even deeper depression.

Remember that some drugs are quite capable of provoking attack of depression. According to Yakov Bogatin the cause of depression can be, for example, many of the drugs used for treating hypertension (Raunatin, oktadin, clonidine, reserpine, etc.). If possible, try to learn about the side effects of drugs and refrain from taking, if their effect is detrimental to your health. This, however, applies not only to depressogennyh, but other drugs have side effects.

Interior also affects the mental well-being. Surround yourself with beautiful things, stuck a new wallpaper, changing conditions in their apartment at a light and airy, you significantly improve your mood.

Put life goals and have the courage to firmly keep them, no matter what. Having set a goal to get rid of depression, you’re bound to always throw it out of his life.