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Jacob Bogatin about Causes of Cystitis

April 5, 2011

According to Jacob Bogatin the cause of cystitis may be many factors – infection, allergy, stones and other foreign bodies, trauma, autoimmune disease, bladder cancer, radiation therapy and drugs, especially anticancer chemotherapeutic agents. But the most common cause of cystitis is an infection, in most cases, bacterial, but sometimes a viral, fungal or parasitic.

By the nature of the flow there are three forms of cystitis:
• acute
• recurrent
• chronic

Jacob Bogatin states that acute cystitis develops suddenly (within a few hours), appearing in typical cases, burning and / or painful urination (dysuria), frequent urgent impulses and pain over the pubis, a slight increase in temperature and nocturia (urination at night). Often encountered back pain as well, especially in women, gross hematuria (blood in urine).

Chronic cystitis – a term that can be misleading: it does not include cases of recurrence of acute cystitis, where between bouts may go weeks or months, but applies only to this form of the disease in which symptoms persist continuously for many weeks. Jacob Bogatin and other doctors say that the basis of chronic cystitis often lies a deeper (interstitial) tissue inflammation of the bladder.

The main mistake in the treatment of cystitis is an unsupervised method of traditional uroantiseptics (furagin, furadonin, 5-NOK, etc.) and various antibiotics, including new and modern. Why can it hurt? All agents of cystitis you just can not kill. But self-medication and inappropriate treatment of cystitis usually reduces the susceptibility of microbes – its agents – to such treatment in the future. Process is delayed and is rooted in the chronic phase.