Jacob Bogatin: How to choose a health center?

Get the most high-quality outpatient care, of course, better pay in the medical center. How to approach the selection of the medical center? Jacob Bogatin shares his thoughts.

If you have a general health is OK, and only care about one issue, it is better to apply to the narrow-profile medical center. Handbook of firms chooses medical personnel, including specialists, it is disease specific or homogeneous group of diseases. The same way the purchase of medical and diagnostic equipment. In the center of multidisciplinary specialists like Jacob Bogatin and medical equipment can not be there.

It should be noted the work of health centers to diagnose and treat sexually transmitted infections. Unfortunately, there are cases when even a well-known firms deliberately distorted test results on the basis of which exhibited non-existent diagnosis. Thus, with patients charged for medical services that they did not need. The best way to avoid such fraud, duplicate positive tests for certain infections in an independent laboratory, for example, “Invitro”. It was only after the confirmation of the diagnosis, pay for care.

Such services as a paid ambulance, emergency care, transport patients and medical emergencies at home – most have a high quality medical centers, because this type of service, in addition to the medical unit, includes the contents of pharmacy management and fleet needed to provide emergency medical care in full. In multidisciplinary medical centers such services are complementary, and they are not given proper attention, there are no trained medical personnel.

If you are concerned about a number of chronic diseases, the most profitable option accroding to Jacob Bogatin is to attach an annual multidisciplinary health center or clinic fee. There you will find experts on a wide range of diseases, will be able to pass a comprehensive examination and treatment. Also, when you attach an annual (fixed price), you’ll be safe from intentional setting a non-existent diagnosis.


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