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October 30, 2011

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Yakov Bogatin about depression

October 20, 2011

Why should one worry about depression?
From childhood, men learn to control their emotions. Yakov Bogatin admits that until recently it was thought that we really control. But now the incidence of depression in men at one-tenth more than in women. Stress in men, perhaps, has always been more common than we talked about it.

According to Yakov Bogatin depression affects all spheres of life, income level, age. Every year fixed almost 7% (approximately 6 million cases of depression) in men. But the real figure could be much higher, since depression in men is difficult to be determined.

Here are some basic facts you should know about depression.

<p>You are on the verge of depression if:
<p>- It had bouts of depression.
<p>- Someone from the family members suffered from depression.
<p>- Low level of income.

<p>Depression is also common, accompanying diseases such as:
<p>- Cancer.
<p>- Diabetes.
<p>- Cardiovascular disease.

The most serious consequence of depression in men according to Yakov Bogatin is a suicide. 80% of all suicide cases occur in men. Although women are much more likely to attempt suicide, but men 4 times more often these attempts fail.