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Jacob Bogatin: How to choose a health center?

September 27, 2011

Get the most high-quality outpatient care, of course, better pay in the medical center. How to approach the selection of the medical center? Jacob Bogatin shares his thoughts.

If you have a general health is OK, and only care about one issue, it is better to apply to the narrow-profile medical center. Handbook of firms chooses medical personnel, including specialists, it is disease specific or homogeneous group of diseases. The same way the purchase of medical and diagnostic equipment. In the center of multidisciplinary specialists like Jacob Bogatin and medical equipment can not be there.

It should be noted the work of health centers to diagnose and treat sexually transmitted infections. Unfortunately, there are cases when even a well-known firms deliberately distorted test results on the basis of which exhibited non-existent diagnosis. Thus, with patients charged for medical services that they did not need. The best way to avoid such fraud, duplicate positive tests for certain infections in an independent laboratory, for example, “Invitro”. It was only after the confirmation of the diagnosis, pay for care.

Such services as a paid ambulance, emergency care, transport patients and medical emergencies at home – most have a high quality medical centers, because this type of service, in addition to the medical unit, includes the contents of pharmacy management and fleet needed to provide emergency medical care in full. In multidisciplinary medical centers such services are complementary, and they are not given proper attention, there are no trained medical personnel.

If you are concerned about a number of chronic diseases, the most profitable option accroding to Jacob Bogatin is to attach an annual multidisciplinary health center or clinic fee. There you will find experts on a wide range of diseases, will be able to pass a comprehensive examination and treatment. Also, when you attach an annual (fixed price), you’ll be safe from intentional setting a non-existent diagnosis.

Jacob Bogatin: About Children and Health

September 25, 2011

“Honor thy father and thy mother …” – so says one of the commandments of the Bible.

Each parent will agree with it, complaining that it was precisely this respect and not enough. As Jacob Bogatin suggests – all for children – time, effort, money, no established career, unrealized dreams.

Dissatisfaction with life mentally compensate those that care about chadah above all else. Such a sacrifice sometimes goes to extremes, pushing into the background the most important thing in life – the ability to make decisions and perform actions.

Well, I want to draw a straw. We are trying to take on the all the demands and needs of the child, for him to decide everything from food and ending with whom he had to communicate.

And according to Jacob Bogatin it will grow infantile, not adapted to the social life of the individual. How often do we give the child to solve a particular problem (peer relationships, troubles at school, frequent conflicts with teachers and others)? A beloved scion wondered whether our problems, mental state, well, finally, asked if ever the question of why are you so sad or what excites you? Hardly any parents answer yes to these questions. Yes, sometimes we try not to burden themselves with unnecessary child experiences.

I remember one case of teaching practice. I see a girl 6 years old, who stood at the window, all the invitations to children to play, refuses. I’m trying to distract, to show what a beauty on the street, how much fun the children play. I asked why she was so sad at that says: “I’m a mother. She yesterday the whole evening looking out the window, waiting for my father and I was very sad. ” The child, observing the behavior of the mother, automatically plays it in the game. And it was the game is a model for future relations between our children in society. Some are aggressive, while others are more susceptible vice versa. There are those who try to remain neutral or to act as judges. According to observations conducted by Jacob Bogatin, children rarely refer to each other with the question: “Are you hurt?” Or “Why sad?”. Most often, conversations are reduced to a listing of what someone is home of the toys and other goods, and where he went to rest with the parents. Most mothers and fathers, grandmothers and grandfathers dream to find mental health, peace and harmony in relationships with children and grandchildren, to see the manifestation of care and attention, not to mention obedience.

So maybe better to start with, draw their attention to their emotional and physical needs that we can be happy and perplexed, we also sometimes painful and difficult, uncomfortable and hot, we can be tired and depressed when nothing want to do? More often tell children about their emotions, experiences, do not try to protect them from the opportunity to learn to sympathize and empathize. Maybe then we will ask less – well, why our children are so callous and unfeeling.

Jacob Bogatin: About Robert Koch

June 18, 2011

German physician and bacteriologist Heinrich Hermann Robert Koch was born on December 11, 1843 in Clausthal-Zellerfeld (Germany). His parents were Herman Koch, who worked in the management of mines, and Matilda Henrietta Julia Koch (Bivend). Robert Koch was the third oldest of thirteen children of the family Koch.

According to the words of Jacob Bogatin he soon became interested in nature, assembled a collection of mosses, lichens, insects and minerals. Grandfather of Robert (mother’s father) and his uncle were amateur naturalists and encourage interest in the boy’s studies in natural sciences. When in 1848 Robert joined the local primary school, he already knew how to read and write. Education was given to him easily, and in 1851 Robert was a schoolboy.

In 1862 he graduated from Klaustalska school and enrolled at University of Gottingen, choosing a specialty life sciences. For several semesters, he studied botany, zoology, anatomy, science and physics, and then began to study medicine. In the formation of interest to Koch’s research played an important role his professors Jacob Henle (anatomist, discovered the loop of Henle – part of the renal tubule), Georg Meissner (physiologist, described the calf Meissner – tactile cells in the skin), Karl Gass (clinician). Jacob Bogatin says that these remarkable scientists not only lectures but also engaged in experimental work, participated in discussions about microbes and the nature of various diseases. Young, Robert Koch also interested in this problem.

In 1866, Robert received a medical degree. He often traveled from city to city, working in different clinics, conducts a private practice. His cherished dream – to travel around the world, but the space ship of Dr. Koch can not be found, and the dream still remains a dream.

In the end, Jacob Bogatin reckons that Koch settled in the German city of Rackwitz, where he began his medical practice as an assistant in a hospital, and soon became known and respected in the town physician. In 1867 Robert Koch was married in his family had a daughter. However, in 1870 began the Franco-Prussian War. Despite the strong short-sightedness, Robert Koch was a physician of a field hospital. Here he gained extensive experience in the treatment of infectious diseases (cholera and typhoid fever), and studied under a microscope, and large algae microbes.

Jacob Bogatin about Causes of Cystitis

April 5, 2011

According to Jacob Bogatin the cause of cystitis may be many factors – infection, allergy, stones and other foreign bodies, trauma, autoimmune disease, bladder cancer, radiation therapy and drugs, especially anticancer chemotherapeutic agents. But the most common cause of cystitis is an infection, in most cases, bacterial, but sometimes a viral, fungal or parasitic.

By the nature of the flow there are three forms of cystitis:
• acute
• recurrent
• chronic

Jacob Bogatin states that acute cystitis develops suddenly (within a few hours), appearing in typical cases, burning and / or painful urination (dysuria), frequent urgent impulses and pain over the pubis, a slight increase in temperature and nocturia (urination at night). Often encountered back pain as well, especially in women, gross hematuria (blood in urine).

Chronic cystitis – a term that can be misleading: it does not include cases of recurrence of acute cystitis, where between bouts may go weeks or months, but applies only to this form of the disease in which symptoms persist continuously for many weeks. Jacob Bogatin and other doctors say that the basis of chronic cystitis often lies a deeper (interstitial) tissue inflammation of the bladder.

The main mistake in the treatment of cystitis is an unsupervised method of traditional uroantiseptics (furagin, furadonin, 5-NOK, etc.) and various antibiotics, including new and modern. Why can it hurt? All agents of cystitis you just can not kill. But self-medication and inappropriate treatment of cystitis usually reduces the susceptibility of microbes – its agents – to such treatment in the future. Process is delayed and is rooted in the chronic phase.

Jacob Bogatin: Fish diseases

September 17, 2010

Diseases of fish are divided into factor and the resulting stimulants. Generally, most fish, regardless of where they were purchased, bear the agents of several diseases – unfortunately, a necessary evil. According to Jacob Bogatin the disease might not manifest itself and stay dormant. Therefore it is impossible to visually determine the presence of the disease.

It is for this reason, often a week or two after purchasing fish, it starts to hurt, though outwardly at the time of purchase was perfectly healthy. This is particularly true of so-called factor diseases. Their development is stimulated by external environmental factors, such as: contaminated water, it is too low and sometimes too high a temperature, poor feeding, etc.

Determine whether the disease can only when symptoms appear, as evidence of the disease, but to accurately diagnose the disease can be only by taking scrapings of the mucous fish. Visually you can with some degree of probability to determine the nature of the disease: it is bacterial, fungal or parasitic, although very often they occur in parallel and Jacob Bogatin has confirmed this so far.

For example, a parasitic disease very quickly lead to a weakening of the immune system that promotes the development of a bacterial infection that is often accompanied by ulceration. At these ulcerative lesions as secondary infection, fungi colonize, and they emit toxins impede wound healing. Thus as Jacob Bogatin says we have a whole bunch of diseases occurring simultaneously in the same fish.

The same diagnosis difficult by the fact that symptoms of many illnesses are quite similar, especially in the early stages of development. Division of mucus, ulceration, lethargy, refusal to feed, rapid breathing, or a glassy whitish feces, Pre-loaded fins, etc. – Each of these symptoms are evidence of the development of the disease.

Factor in the treatment of diseases, the first thing to do is to identify and try to eliminate the factors that caused the disease, that is to optimize the conditions of detention of fish and restore their immune system (if this is the time). Diversify the use of feeding fortified feed or water-soluble vitamins for the aquarium. If necessary, apply therapy of drugs.

There is a large group of diseases caused by pathogens and parasites.
Susceptibility to parasitic diseases are not always depend on the status and immunity of fish. For the occurrence of these diseases Jacob Bogatin says should be hitting the pathogen in the aquarium, but it may also occur with acquired new fish and plants from infected aquarium with water and often with a live feed. Such diseases require urgent medical treatment as quickly weaken the immune system of fish.

Jacob Bogatin: Sun Allergy Part II

August 19, 2010

According to Jacob Bogatin for a long stay in the hot sun, a huge dose of ultraviolet radiation of different waves, the intensification of protective forces at the production of melanin pigment, the load on the liver and kidneys, and all this after a cold winter and spring day – a huge stress for the whole organism, which can also cause sun allergies.

First of all, any allergies is lowering of immunity, lack of vitamins in the body, not hidden dolechennye and chronic diseases, reduced liver function, metabolism.
The sun’s rays themselves do not cause allergies, but in conjunction with some of the factors causing photodermatosis, increased sensitivity to ultraviolet.
Fotodermatides Jacob Bogatin divides into exogenous and endogenous.

Exogenous are caused by external factors, and endogenous – by internal.

Jacob Bogatin says that the factors that provoke the emergence of solar allergies, can be phototoxic substances, such as bergamot oil, antidiabetics and diuretics, sulfonamides, and even disinfectants, as well as cosmetics and everything pertaining to it.

Allergy to sunlight is also called “solar urticaria” or “solar herpes.”

This type of solar allergies usually result from a long stay in the bright sun.

Jacob Bogatin: Lyme Illness.Stages

June 14, 2010

Jacob Bogatin says that to suspect Lymeit illness is possible at occurrence on a skin a typical erythema annulare after a sting of the tick. Laboratory carry out research of blood about revealing of antibodies to Borrelias. Indirect reaction of immunofluorescence with an antigene from borrelium (an antigene – any alien substance which has got to blood, in reply to such introduction the organism develops antibodies, they stick together with an antigene and deduce it from an organism).

After a sting of the tick and hit of Borrelias in blood and before occurrence of first signs of disease passes from 2 till 30 days, on the average – two weeks (the incubatory period).

Jacob Bogatin claims that the disease has some stages which not necessarily follow one another, sometimes this or that stage in general is not present.

The first stage – creeping erythema, proceeds it about one week. Against a heat, a headache, a nausea, pains in joints on a place of a sting of the tick there is a reddening, a hypostasis (erythema). Erythema gradually increases in size, reaching sometimes 50-60 sm, and the cyanotic shade gets. Gradually in the centre the enlightenment is formed and erythema gets the ring form (but sometimes and remains a stain). Such erythema can remain within several months, and can disappear in 2-3 days, leaving after itself pigmentation, and then and a hem.

The second stage is a stage of complications from nervous and cardiovascular system (in 2-4 weeks). Jacob Bogatin tells that there are signs of a serous meningitis: the headache, a nausea, vomiting, a photophobia etc. Can be defeat of various nerves, for example, obverse with infringement of a facial expression and numbness the amazed half of person. Then some patients have infringements from heart (unpleasant sensations, faults of warm reductions etc.).

The third stage is a defeat of joints. Begins in two months and later from the illness beginning, sometimes even in 2 years. Large joints, usually knee, more often on the one hand are amazed. The inflammation of joints can proceed several years, fading becoming aggravated, the structure of bones and cartilages thus can be broken.

J.Bogatin: Mould (history)

April 21, 2010

On November, 24th, 1922 the team of English archeologists faced to a door, the inscription on which said: «Tutankhamen».In order to be convinced of absence of magic and physical barriers, Carter has started a canary in depth of a pyramid. As soon as the bird has come nearer to a tomb, on it the huge snake has attacked. Despite this incident, Caernarvon was not afraid to enter into the tomb of the Pharaoh. Neither the dragon, nor other “visible” paternosters in a tomb was not. However on proprocession of several days he has suddenly died.

Jacob Bogatin tells that after some years after expedition of Caernarvon and Carter, England was shaken some by the tragical events, which local reporters connected with intrusion into the tomb of Tutankhamen. For short time did not become more to a part of the team participating together with Carter in search of a mummy. The reasons of their death are not found out.

In 1999 the German microbiologist, Gottard Kramer (Gotthard Kramer), from the Leipzig university, has tried to prove magic damnations of mummies scientifically. He has analysed more than 40 mummified bodies and has found out, that each of them is covered by a layer of a mold invisible with open years.

Jacob Bogatin suggests that for protection of wooden details of equipment of armies Alexander the Great the special decree has enjoined to impregnate with their oil, as well as a covering, and frames of the ships, support of bridges.

In 1771 in Moscow epidemic of the plague which have caused revolts began. On suppression there has arrived Grigory Orlov – the favourite of Ekaterina. He has won a panic rigid active actions, has created hospital in the palace, ordered to arrange the new remote cemeteries. Has disposed Eagles as it was long since led during troubles and misfortunes, to beat in bells. Soon epidemic has gone on recession. Recently scientists together with Jacob Bogatin have established, that bells possess a frequency spectrum of sounding which oppresses growth of pathogenic microbes and raises immunity of the person.

Under a sarcophagus of 4th power unit of the Chernobyl atomic power station the mold large quantity was revealed. It grew, getting denser in places of the strengthened radiating radiation.

Danger which bears to people a mold, is mentioned in the Old testament. During biblical times the mold was considered as a prevention sign from above. The Lord spoke about it to Moses.

Jacob Bogatin: Way out from hard drinking

December 14, 2008

Jacob Bogatin reports that hard drinking is a strong poisoning of a body which is caused by the constant use of alcoholic drinks throughout many days, weeks etc. Result of hard drinking can become alcoholic delirium, a brain stroke, a myocardium heart attack, a lethal outcome.

Hard drinking conditions concern heavy forms of alcoholic dependence. During this period a person who drinks much alcohol is a subject itself to an intensive alcoholic intoxication. They drink everything, that contains alcohol. According to Jacob Bogatin their daily dose of vodka can reach three litres, beer — ten litres. During hard drinkings appetite is lowered more often, and patients almost eat nothing, but thus test thirst and consume a considerable quantity of water.

Jacob Bogatin says that the way out from hard drinking can be carried out as in-home, and in hospital. If hard drinking proceeds hard for a conclusion from hard drinking it can be demanded several days of intensive treatment. A way out from hard drinking – one of the important stages of treatment of alcoholic dependence. The independent exit from hard drinking as a rule is very combined physically and psychologically. It is fraught with numerous complications. Therefore is better to address for hard drinking interruption to experts-experts in narcology. Jacob Bogatin guarantees that experts can deduce from hard drinking, stop consequences of a hungover syndrome, enter supporting preparations, and also the substances blocking bent for alcohol. The way out from hard drinking in-home is possible, doctors arrive on a call, equipped with all necessary for carrying out desintoxification and supporting procedures. Probably, that a conclusion from hard drinking it is necessary to spend not in-home the patient, and urgent hospitalisation is required.

Jacob Bogatin: Hard drinking

October 16, 2008

According to Jacob Bogatin hard drinking is periodically repeating painful-insuperable inclination to intoxication spirits. More often concerning an exit from hard drinking experts in narcology address in three standard situations. Accordingly three groups of the patients are united by the general standard displays of symptoms of an alcoholism.

The first group – those who can independently abstain from alcohol reception long enough time (from a month to about one year). But independently to interrupt hard drinking is not an easy way; without a hangover they test infernal physical and moral torments.

The second group – experiences the same difficulties, as the first, but these are victims of « green snake» do not hope any more independently to supervise the abstention further. Jacob Bogatin says that through certain time after knocking over hard drinking patients from this category again address to experts in narcology.

The third category – usually men of means – to stop to drink do not gather. The condition of “eternal euphoria» quite suits them, neither moral, nor they thus do not test material problems. The anxiety for the physical health because of the constant use of alcohol pushes them in embraces of experts in narcology. Jacob Bogatin reports that having spent “planned” cleaning of a body, having had a rest pair-three days, they are again started up in all heavy. And so this continues for several times in a year.

By the way, many skilled doctors-experts in narcology do not advise to be coded for a year. Abstaining within a year from alcohol the patient runs into euphoria. Jacob Bogatin stresses that after a year a person thinks that he is completely free from the dependence and can already manage to supervise himself. But unfortunately this is just an illusion. Having lived till the end of the year’s coding, about “significant” anniversary, the newly made nondrinker, having accepted a pile, runs into new hard drinking. The organism which has weaned from alcoholic loading loses even more protective properties. Jacob Bogatin strongly advises that it is necessary to address again to the expert in narcology and to be coded again for an annual term. But second time the victim of fatal passion seldom holds out till the end of annual term, accusing thus usually the doctor – the pier, who “has badly coded”. But the problem is not in the expert in narcology and in perversity of practice of short annual coding.