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Yakov Bogatin about depression

October 20, 2011

Why should one worry about depression?
From childhood, men learn to control their emotions. Yakov Bogatin admits that until recently it was thought that we really control. But now the incidence of depression in men at one-tenth more than in women. Stress in men, perhaps, has always been more common than we talked about it.

According to Yakov Bogatin depression affects all spheres of life, income level, age. Every year fixed almost 7% (approximately 6 million cases of depression) in men. But the real figure could be much higher, since depression in men is difficult to be determined.

Here are some basic facts you should know about depression.

<p>You are on the verge of depression if:
<p>- It had bouts of depression.
<p>- Someone from the family members suffered from depression.
<p>- Low level of income.

<p>Depression is also common, accompanying diseases such as:
<p>- Cancer.
<p>- Diabetes.
<p>- Cardiovascular disease.

The most serious consequence of depression in men according to Yakov Bogatin is a suicide. 80% of all suicide cases occur in men. Although women are much more likely to attempt suicide, but men 4 times more often these attempts fail.

How to deal with depression

October 20, 2010

Find a person with whom you can talk heart to heart, to share with him their experiences. No one to talk? Weep into pillow. Tears also bring relief from depression.
Live for today. Do not engage in soul-searching, do not save up grievances, not to reopen wounds that leave the past in the past. Do not be afraid of the future – most of the ills that one can imagine will never happen.

Yakov Bogatin recommends to change the scenery. Tear off into the woods to the village, without any hurry, stroll through the city, look in those places where you have not yet visited. Depression does not disappear if confined to the four walls and mope.

Do not take on too much. Sometimes allow yourself to give up on everything and lay down to sleep – but in the morning you wake up in a good mood and be able to move mountains.
Listen to the music that takes your heart, read good books, try to find a creative something for everyone. In order to avoid falling into the maelstrom of “groundhog day”, inevitably leading to depression, Yakov Bogatin says that everybody needs from time to time lifted above the ordinary.

Review your eating habits. Chocolate and bananas contain endorphins that can lift the mood. Sunflower seeds, nuts, bread made of flour, meal, buckwheat, oatmeal, beans, – a storehouse of vitamin B1 (thiamine), deficiency of which causes serious disturbances in the nervous system. Yakov Bogatin recommends the healthy balanced diet, do not overeat, and in any case, do not eat only in order to lift your mood. Weight increased as a result of these feasts is able to drive them into even deeper depression.

Remember that some drugs are quite capable of provoking attack of depression. According to Yakov Bogatin the cause of depression can be, for example, many of the drugs used for treating hypertension (Raunatin, oktadin, clonidine, reserpine, etc.). If possible, try to learn about the side effects of drugs and refrain from taking, if their effect is detrimental to your health. This, however, applies not only to depressogennyh, but other drugs have side effects.

Interior also affects the mental well-being. Surround yourself with beautiful things, stuck a new wallpaper, changing conditions in their apartment at a light and airy, you significantly improve your mood.

Put life goals and have the courage to firmly keep them, no matter what. Having set a goal to get rid of depression, you’re bound to always throw it out of his life.

Y.Bogatin: Meditation Research Results

April 5, 2010

Today meditation practice is a destiny not just for the lonely educated Buddhist monks as it was about 50-70 years ago but now it is accessible to millions other people all over the world. Yakov Bogatin is sure that to be engaged in meditation does not mean to strive for feeling better but to be more vigorous and counterbalanced. Meditation forces our brain to work in a different way, the picture of brain waves varies, activity of a brain is synchronised, at the expense of it many physiological processes in an organism — a dream, digestion, functioning of cardiovascular and nervous systems are normalised, the blood structure varies even. From the research undertaken in 2005 by the American cardiological association, it became known, that meditation prolongs life, reducing risk of death from illnesses in an old age for 25 %, from cardiovascular illnesses — to 30 % and to 50 % — from cancer.

Is the same attributed to the brain by meditation? In the research conducted in 2005 in Boston hospital scientists and Yakov Bogatin as well have tracked, that occurs in heads of people practising meditation, using a magneto-resonant tomography (МРТ). Experts have selected 15 people practising meditation with different experience (from one year till 30 years) and 15 experimental which never meditated. After the analysis of the big file of the information of activity and brain structure it became clear, that meditation increases a thickness of some departments of a bark of the brain, involved in processes of attention, working memory and touch processing of the information — prefrontal a bark and Reil Islet. Sara Lasar, the head of the given research, has commented on results of experiment so: «You train a brain during meditation, therefore it grows. Yakov Bogatin draws our attention that after all it is known, that at musicians, linguists, athletes corresponding areas of a brain are increased. Growth of a bark of a brain occurs not at the expense of neurons growth, and at the expense of growth of blood vessels, astrocytes — all system which feeds a brain».

Yakov Bogatin: Coffee, dependence and how to get rid of it

February 21, 2010

Much has already been said about the harmful consequences the intake of coffee might cause to a person especially a sick person. Besides this according to Yakov Bogatin there are cases when coffee becomes the reason of various chronic frustration and such cases are more and more frequent nowadays. Liberal concerning coffee the official medicine, usually, with the coffee use does not connect these frustration, and as consequence – cannot define their reason and cure. And patients suffer for years whereas the only cure they need is just a refusal from coffee. If you are suffering from inexplicable problems with a gastroenteric path (for example, a constant diarrhoeia), uric system (chronic urethritis), a headache (frequent migraines), try to stop drinking coffee as there might be a chance that together with coffee dependence problems with health will leave you as well.

Yakov Bogatin warns that do not think, that coffee without caffeine is a good replacement of usual coffee. Yes, caffeine dose in it is less, but other active substances that coffee contains might have an irritating effect on gastroenteric and urinogenital system. Besides, coffee without caffeine can contain the rests of the toxic chemical substances applied to extraction of caffeine.

So the question still remains: How to get rid from a coffee dependence? In comparison with dependence on alcohol and tobacco to get rid from coffee dependence is simple enough. Yakov Bogatin considers that just two or three days will be required from you to be free from responsibility and the affairs demanding attention and energy. Take care of the comfort and calmness. Prepare for a breakdown and a long (from 48 till 72 o’clock) headache. Do not take anything that contains caffeine. Having fulfilled all these requirements and having gone through withdrawal pains you will get rid from coffee dependence. In order not to “get high” on caffeine again, use coffee not more often than one or two times a week when there will be a special necessity to cheer up.

All aforesaid is fair and for other kinds of coffee dependence arising at abusing by tea or others drinks that contain caffeine.